fartlek training benefits

Fartlek Training Benefits for Success

In this article, you’ll see some key fartlek training benefits for success. Depending on what your goals are, this info will be quite helpful to you. Fartlek training, or Speed Play as it’s also referred to as, is a type of cardio protocol that involves the utilization of multiple tempos to accomplish your goals.

Whether this goal is to burn fat, improve VO2 max, lower your cholesterol, prepare for a sporting event, or anything else that an avid exerciser would desire, this training method will greatly help you to improve virtually any of your cardiovascular ambitions.

Fartlek training benefits:

A key advantage of fartlek training is that given the way it’s designed, it creates an environment for you to remain engaged and excited about your next cardio workout. This is so due to the large amount of diversity involved with this training protocol. With this exercise method, you can choose to customize your workouts in any way that you want! Among the many different fartlek training benefits, this one is vital.

fartlek training benefits

Fartlek training benefits

I say this due to the fact that if you aren’t excited or interested in your workouts, odds are you won’t last very long. And even worse is said for the individual who dreads their upcoming workout. They will most likely become burnt out and quit. The varying tempos of fartlek training allow you to remain interested and motivated.

Some other key fartlek training benefits are that you can expect a significant increase in your heart’s health and fitness level, specifically your VO2 max. Among increasing your VO2 max, you can also expect to increase your lactate threshold, the size and number of mitochondria in your muscle tissue, the size of your muscle’s glycogen stores, and so much more! Many athletes use the fartlek training protocol to help them prepare for a sporting event or a marathon. This is a very wise choice, as fartlek training can help you get in incredible shape!

There’s also the fact that it aids in fat loss. Now I’m sure that you’re aware that cardio in general aids in fat loss, but with fartlek training, its diversity allows you to stay engaged longer and be less bored than with normal running. Thus, allowing you to have a better chance of sticking to your weight loss program.

fartlek training benefits

Fartlek training benefits

In addition, some disadvantages of fartlek training are that you can easily burn muscle by doing it. Of course, it all depends on the frequency and intensity of your sessions, but it’s still possible. Also, it can be difficult sometimes to use this protocol with a friend, given the many different tempos involved. Not everyone can sprint for instance.

Lastly in this fartlek training benefits article, it may be a challenge for you to efficiently use fartlek training while on a treadmill, stair climber, or some other type of cardio equipment.

Going from sprinting, to walking, then back to jogging takes a lot of button pressing on the treadmill. This could not only make your experience awkward and unnecessarily more difficult, but also potentially less effective.

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