fartlek training examples

Fartlek Training Examples to Get in Tip Top Shape

In this article we’ll go over some awesome fartlek training examples to help you get in tip top shape. Fartlek training is a very effective training protocol that can help you do just that. It uses various speed tempos to help you achieve your desired goal.

From walking to all out sprinting, fartlek training allows you to utilize the entire spectrum of speeds. This makes for a more enjoyable experience due to an increase in training diversity.

Let’s get into some useful real world fartlek training examples that you can implement in your own fitness experience. The most obvious fartlek training examples are that of simply performing your cardio sessions while manipulating speed tempos via fixed intervals.

fartlek training examples

Fartlek training examples

Of course, this is what fartlek training is, but I’m not mentioning any innovative or unique ways about doing so (which will get discussed later in the article). Here, I’m talking more along the lines of  walking for 5 minutes, jogging for another 5 minutes, and then running heavily for about 3 minutes.

Here’s another fartlek training example: 20 second light jog, 10 second sprint, 30 second walk, and repeat. This simple one minute circuit can be repeated 15 times for a 15 minute cardio session, 30 times for a 30 minute cardio session, etc.

It is in this way that you can create virtually any type of fartlek training session that you desire. If you like to sprint more than walk, you can create your cardio program to include more of that. If you enjoy jogging more, then you can have more of that, and so on.

Some other awesome fartlek training examples involve ways that allow you to change your speeds based on specific things in your environment instead of having them be in a more predicted pattern like with the previous example.

So, what do I mean exactly? Well, if you’re listening to music while running, then you can manipulate your speed based on the section of the song. For example, you can jog during the verse, walk during the bridge, and sprint during the chorus.

As most songs have these three components to them, this allows you to be able to experience a wide range of speeds during your cardio sessions.

fartlek training examples

Fartlek training examples

Another well known fartlek training method is that of the mailbox variation. This variation works by you changing your speed every time you pass by a new mailbox.

So, let’s say you’re running around your neighborhood. You can start by walking, then when you pass a new mailbox you can sprint until you get to the next mailbox. Once you get to this new mailbox you can jog, and so on and so forth.

As you can see, there are many different fartlek training examples that exist out there. Hopefully the ones laid out herein will help you to put a spark in your current cardio routine. It’s great for helping you to burn body fat, increasing VO2 Max, and improving your heart health, among many other things! Try out some of these awesome fartlek training examples for yourself to see how they can help you get in tip top shape!

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