fartlek training for basketball

Fartlek Training for Basketball

Have you ever thought about using fartlek training for basketball? Well, we all know that fartlek training is a highly effective method that can greatly improve your overall well being, body composition, stamina, heart health, and much more, but it also can help you to perform better in basketball. There are many different reasons as to why this is so.

This article will go over the main advantages of fartlek training for basketball. Fartlek training can truly be a game changer the avid basketball player. Let’s go over some of them now!

One of the most notable benefits of fartlek training for basketball is that it can greatly help you to increase your overall endurance. In doing so it will allow you to increase your VO2 Max levels, which can aid in greater stamina during basketball games.

fartlek training for basketball

Fartlek training for basketball

These benefits are of the utmost importance for any serious basketball player who desires to improve their skills to take their game to the next level. Having the proper conditioning will allow you to have an upper hand over your opponents, and fartlek training for basketball can help you achieve this.

Another awesome benefit that you can enjoy from fartlek training is the fact that it coincides equally with the natural flow of the sport of basketball. See, fartlek training calls for multiple changes in speeds (e.g. jogging, sprinting, walking, etc.), as does basketball.

From slowly dribbling the ball up court to full out sprinting down court during a fast break, the similarities between fartlek training and the natural flow of basketball are nearly identical.

Let’s expand on this idea for a second here. Nothing can be better for a basketball player than for them to be completely prepared when game time comes around. The combination of being highly conditioned and having a very efficient mind-muscle connection will undoubtedly allow one to reach their full potential.

Mind-muscle connection is very important for success in basketball as you can imagine. From the fine tuned subconscious muscular responses you experience when you abruptly attempt a jump shot (i.e. the muscles in your calves to give you flight, the flexors in the forearms, the muscles in the hand, etc.), the same type of “control” is needed for the more gross movements that make up most of the game like jogging and sprinting.

Mind-muscle connection is undoubtedly a very important element to consider when aiming toward success in basketball, and fartlek training can help you attain it!

fartlek training for basketball

Fartlek training for basketball

Summary of fartlek training for basketball

Basketball is an awesome sport. To be successful at it requires a diligent amount of practice and determination. Possibly more than this is the willingness to learn from your own mistakes.

This will allow you to remain hungry in the sport as you work towards attaining a higher level of proficiency.

Fartlek training for basketball can greatly help you to increase your endurance, which in turn will help you to improve your overall performance on the court. This, as well as a plethora of other noteworthy benefits can all be virtues that you can expect to enjoy from using fartlek training.

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