fartlek training for beginners

Fartlek Training for Beginners

If you are interested in venturing off into a new and interesting type of cardio, then fartlek training for beginners is for you! If you are unaware of just what fartlek training is, it’s a training protocol that utilizes various tempos to manifest your desired results. This continuous manipulation in tempo creates an environment that encourages exercise adherence and interest. Here are some reasons why fartlek training for beginners is awesome!

Fartlek training, or speed play as it’s also referred to as, can greatly help you to increase your overall endurance, as well as help you burn fat. The reasons for these two things are not only in the protocol’s effectiveness itself, but largely due to the fact that people get bored when they do the same things over and over again. Let’s face it. We need some excitement in our lives to remain motivated and ambitious.

This is vitally important for anyone embarking in a fitness program or new protocol, such as the case with fartlek training for beginners. Too many times people slack off, or even worse, they give up due to boredom or because they don’t see the amount of progress that they desire. Nevertheless, regardless of the reasons as to why this happens, fartlek training for beginners can greatly help you to reverse this from happening.

One of the great reasons as to why fartlek training for beginners is so appealing and effective is that there are so many different fartlek training methods that you can use to help keep things fresh and interesting. This diversity allows you to keep your interest and encourages you to utilize your individual creativity. This is another vital factor for success in any type of fitness program.

fartlek training for beginners

Fartlek training for beginners

Newbies will find that fartlek training is much more fun than a simple boring bout of cardio on a stationary bike. Be that as it may, the mere thought of cardio usually makes people cringe. This is unfortunate given how many fun cardio training protocols exist out there that can greatly improve one’s chances of sticking to a program and having fun in the process.

Even though you can definitely use fartlek training indoors by using specialized cardio equipment, there’s nothing like running outdoors. This only adds to the joy that beginners will feel upon starting this training method. Running outside can be a great experience, especially if the weather is beautiful! However, those of you who are strapped for time or who’d simply just rather go to a gym to workout can benefit just as much by using cardio equipment for their fartlek runs.

Some quick examples of how you can use fartlek training are as follows…

You can manipulate your tempo as you listen to your music. For example, you can walk during the verse of a song, and jog/sprint during the chorus.

Another fun way to use fartlek training is by walking for one block, jogging for the next block, walking for the next, doing all out sprinting for the next, and so on and so on.

As you can see, the means by which you can utilize fartlek training is virtually limitless. The only limits there are as far as how you can use fartlek training is that of your own imagination.

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