fartlek training for soccer

Fartlek Training for Soccer Players

Fartlek training for soccer is very important if you’re looking to attain any sort of success in the sport. This is so due to the many similarities that fartlek training and soccer both share. Without much research, you can easily see that they both share the commonality of continuous tempo manipulation. The constant and consistent change of tempo seen in fartlek training makes for a very appropriate training protocol for soccer.

Soccer requires a great deal of stamina. So, to realistically be successful in the sport you must have high levels of endurance. Fartlek training for soccer is highly beneficial because given the nature of this unique protocol, it encourages training diversity and adherence, among many other things.

Utilizing fartlek training will not only help you to become a more successful soccer player due to your increase in stamina and overall health, but also in training your mind and body to become more familiar with the common shifts in tempo that the sport of soccer is all too familiar with.

fartlek training for soccer

Fartlek training for soccer

As you now know, fartlek training is a type of cardio that uses different tempos (speeds) to help you better achieve your goals.

There are many benefits of using fartlek training for soccer, like keeping things interesting and unexpected, allowing yourself to rest (by walking) after you run or sprint for a given distance, and also the commonality it shares with the sport of soccer.

This commonality is the fact that they both share continuous tempo manipulation. In soccer, depending on your position, you may find yourself at a slow walking pace for 10 seconds or so, then you may be jogging for another 10 seconds, then all out sprinting for 10 seconds, and then back to walking.

This is exactly what fartlek training is all about. To help you out even more, here is a list of some awesome fartlek training methods!

fartlek training for soccer

Fartlek training for soccer

So, it’s the fact that with a typical fartlek training session you can find yourself performing very similar if not identical tempos found in an ordinary soccer game that make this training protocol so appealing. This not only helps to build stamina and overall endurance, but also that ever so important mind muscle connection that allows for you to better transition from sprinting to walking to sprinting to jogging, and so on.

This will greatly help you to become a more sound soccer player and will help you to feel more confident in your ability to perform successfully. Soccer is probably the best sport example to use when discussing how fartlek training can help you on a performance level. They really do have a ton similarities! Also, to take your skills to the next level try adding fartlek training with a weighted speed-vest or a Fitbit fitness superwatch to help you track your progress!

So, try out some fartlek training methods to help you build more endurance, improve heart health, and to help you become a better soccer player. This won’t happen overnight. Just like everything else, it will take a lot of practice. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it you’ll find that fartlek training for soccer can be quite fun. So, go out there and try it for yourself to see what fartlek can do for you!

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