fartlek training on an elliptical machine

Fartlek Training on an Elliptical Machine

If the weather happens to not be in your favor, you may be forced to go to the gym to exercise. If this is the case, you’ll then have to utilize one of your gym’s cardio machines. Of course, if your gym has an indoor track, then you should have no problem here.

Nevertheless, it can still be fun to switch up your normal routine by trying out something new and interesting. And fartlek training on an elliptical machine can be just what you need to help spark some added interest in the gym.

Fartlek training on an elliptical machine is actually pretty similar to training on a stationary bike. This is so due to the fact that all you have to do is set your resistance to a relatively challenging number, and then you can begin to perform your fartlek training session.


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As far as issues arising when using cardio equipment in the gym to do fartlek training go, treadmills and stair steppers become a problem rather quickly. See, to change your speed you have to press a bunch of buttons. This can hinder your performance and can interfere with the natural flow of your fartlek training session.

So, how does one perform fartlek training on an elliptical machine? Well, for starters make sure that the resistance on your elliptical machine is relatively challenging.

You don’t want something too difficult to where you may wear yourself out too early. Also, a resistance that’s too light may leave you wasting your time all together. So, find a happy medium as far as resistance goes as you’ll be going through several different types of speeds in your fartlek training bout.

Once you have your resistance set, you simply use the equipment as if you were using fartlek training outside at a park. The same concept should be used. You can use a low speed for 2 minutes, a relatively high speed for 1 minute, a moderate speed for 2 minutes, and then repeat.

You’ll need to be careful though due to the fact that you probably won’t be able to literally go all out when trying to sprint on the elliptical machine. These machines are not really meant to take such punishment.

So, just a heavy run would probably be more efficient than an all out sprint.

fartlek training on an elliptical machine

All in all, fartlek training on an elliptical machine is definitely a great option for you if the weather’s bad and you have to train indoors or if you’re just looking for a new fartlek training method to use.

It can definitely be a good idea to add in something new to your exercise routine every now and then. Unfortunately, many people end up just getting sick of their day to day exercise routines that they either give half-hearted efforts or they end up quitting all together. Don’t let this happen to you!

Using fartlek training can have a huge impact on lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increasing your endurance levels, and much more! Like with most cardio machines, they have their advantages and disadvantages. So, try out other machines as well to see which one works best for you as you perform your fartlek training sessions.

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