mindfulness meditation techniques

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to Find Serenity

What does it mean to be mindful? How does it work? What are some mindfulness meditation techniques that you can use in your own life that can give you more peace of mind? No fear. All of these questions will get answered in this article!

Utilizing mindfulness meditation techniques can be a truly beautiful experience. It can teach you how to find your inner “calm” and how to not let the anxieties of daily life get the best of you. Sounds pretty great, right? 

There are many different ways to find that “calm” that you so desire. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so, especially for beginners, is to utilize your senses. So often we find ourselves lost in thought and even many times getting carried away with it.

Whether you find yourself being consumed with anxieties centered around your job, friends, family, school, a fear mongering situation that happened to you, financial issues, or really anything that seems to be getting the most of you, you don’t have to let your thoughts destroy you.

mindfulness meditation techniques

Mindfulness meditation techniques

Using mindfulness meditation techniques can greatly help you to “clear out” all of those unwanted thoughts you may have clouded around in your head. However, understand that using mindfulness meditation techniques will not prevent thoughts from appearing.

Instead, the purpose is to allow you to more easily shift your awareness to other things. Thus, allowing you to merely observe the thought or thoughts that come in and out of your head and to not dwell on them.

Here’s a great analogy to help you understand it a little better. Okay, so imagine that you’re in a very large factory that’s filled with conveyor belts going in every direction you can conceive. These conveyor belts are all filled with boxes (or thoughts). The conveyor belts then run along throughout the factory (of your mind). Some of the boxes contain very pleasant thoughts that make you happy, while others may make you uncomfortable or anxious.

The goal with using mindfulness meditation techniques is to simply allow yourself to observe the thoughts passing through your mind and to not unnecessarily pick up one of those boxes from the conveyor belt that contain anxiety and fears. Being able to observe thoughts at will, instead of dwelling on any and every thought (good or bad) that pops in your head is the main purpose of mindfulness meditation techniques.

How is this done?

You can better clear your mind by utilizing your sense of hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell. What am I talking about exactly? Well, let me explain…

mindfulness meditation techniques

Mindfulness meditation techniques

Let’s start off with using your sense of hearing. If you watched the video above then you at least have a basic understanding of just how to implement these types of mindfulness meditation techniques.

I, myself, have found that using my sense of hearing to be the easiest and most effective way for me to become mindful and to help overshadow any unwanted fear thoughts that are commonplace in the human experience.

Some ways that you can try this out for yourself is by listening to any sounds around you, whether loud or subtle. Try not to exert yourself in an attempt to hear specific sounds. Merely allow yourself to be receptive to the sounds. Whether this means being aware of the sounds of the trees rustling from the wind, the sounds of cars passing, birds nearby, or even the fan if you happen to be inside, these are all great ways to be mindful of your environment and to be less idle.

Idleness of the mind can sometimes lead to unwanted thoughts of worry and strife. When you experience such thoughts, simply go back to observing the sounds around you.

Now, I feel as though I must say that this is by no means as simple as “Okay, now I’m going to listen to the sounds of the water flowing in the nearby river and all of my anxiety thoughts will dissipate.” This won’t be the case and should not be the expectation.

Thoughts are bound to enter into your mind even when you are practicing mindfulness meditation techniques. When you notice this happening, gently bring your attention back to your awareness of the sounds around you. Trust me, you’ll get better the more you practice!

mindfulness meditation techniques

Mindfulness meditation techniques

These same conceptual mindfulness meditation techniques should be used with the other senses as well. You can attain a better sense of serenity and stillness by observing, without judgement, a duck at a pond (using sight), becoming aware of the tactile sensations you experience when the wind runs through your body (using touch), being mindful of the textures and flavors of your lunch (using taste), and even noticing any pleasant smells around you from a nearby candle or flower (using smell).

These are all highly effective mindfulness meditation techniques that will help you find serenity and calmness.

Remember, when using mindfulness meditation techniques, it is imperative that you withhold a non-judgmental stance during the entire experience. Thoughts of judgment usually lead to negative assumptions or conclusions that can make it difficult for you to enter into that peace of mind state that you desire to arrive to.

With that being said, go ahead and try out some of these mindfulness meditation techniques for yourself! I’m sure that you’ll be very surprised at how much better you’ll feel!

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